Expert Meeting on Textile, Clothing and Accessories Themes of the Interactive Atlas

The Experts Meeting on ‘Textile, Clothing and Accessories along the Silk Roads’ will be held in Valencia, Spain, from the 13-16 March 2019. This meeting, organized by UNESCO in collaboration with the Secretariat of Tourism of the Valencia Regional Government (Generalitat Valencia), will bring together around 25 experts from across the world to discuss the cultural exchanges and mutual influences within textile, clothing and accessories along the Silk Roads.
This meeting aims to identify the main elements, methodologies and technologies for best highlighting the Silk Roads common heritage relating to the theme of textile, clothing and accessories within the Interactive Atlas of Cultural Interactions that currently UNESCO develops.
In today’s context of globalization, often characterized by mistrust, intolerance and tension, a better knowledge and understanding of the rich history and common heritage of the Silk Roads, could be essential to reinforcing intercultural dialogue, peace and cooperation. The Interactive Atlas of Cultural Interactions along the Silk Roads will provide concrete illustrations of the historical and geographical imprints of the Silk Roads.
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