Hanshin Eurasia Institute (HEI, Hanshin University)

Hanshin Eurasia Institute(HEI) was founded November 2011. HEI is a research institute about political and economic situation of Eurasian continent. HEI’s main goal is to understand and introduce Eurasian continent’s (not only Central Asia, but also Europe, Middle East, and East Asia) current situations including the modern concept of the Silk Road. By means of comparison studies on each state and region, HEI researches the regional and world order. To enhance the academic network providing a training of experts, HEI offers a lecture program introducing its research results which could help governmental and non-governmental organizations when they make policies.

1) Hanshin Eurasia Institute Conference: “East Asia’s Regime Change and Korean Peninsular” (2012)

2) Hanshin Eurasia Institute Special Lecture: “A Peace Story of Kaesong Industrial Complex” (2012)

3) HEI - Korea Institute for International Economic Policy(KIEP) Joint Conference: “New Asian Corporate Regime, and Change and Vision of East Asian Leadership” (2012)

4) HEI - Doshisha University (Japan) - Korea University (Japan) Joint International Symposium (2013)

5) Korean Association of Eurasian Studies(KAES) - Korea Consensus Institute(KCI) - HEI Joint Conference: “Republic of Korea’s Eurasian Cooperation” (2015)

Analysis of Eurasian Affair (periodical)

The Silk Roads on the Map

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Capital: Seoul
Region: Asia and the Pacific

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