Festivals along the Silk Roads

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Hundreds of festivals take place every year along the lengths of the Silk Roads. From social and cultural rituals and religious ceremonies to sporting events and artistic displays, festivals embody the cultural identity of the people who live along the Silk Roads. Communities are unified at symbolic moments in the year in celebrations that display traditional clothing, food, music, dance, and crafts of all kinds. They are also opportunities for exchange, as cultural treasures such as craftsmanship, recipes and songs are brought together and shared.

The Silk Roads online platform presents, explains and promotes these festivals as a vital part of the cultural life of Silk Roads societies and as symbols of the vibrant cultures that have grown up along these routes.

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Festivals along the Silk Roads

Title Sort descending Country Festival themes
Al ‘azi, elegy, processional march and poetry Oman Music & folklore
Basant Kite Flying Festival Pakistan Traditions and social rituals
Marriage of Venice to the Sea Italy Traditions and social rituals
Naadam Mongolia Sporting events, Traditions and social rituals
The Lantern Festival China Traditions and social rituals

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